what is the display wall?

The display wall provides:
a large-scale, high-resolution display, which is suitable for any computer-based graphics or video.

The display wall provides:
resources for teaching courses such as Computer Graphics, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Data-intensive Computing, Database Systems, Data Visualization, and Algorithm Design.

High Resolution


The display wall is high-resolution.

Nine Displays
The display wall allows a user to view an image spanning all 9 displays or view different images in different displays. Users have an immense amount of flexability over the displays.


data visualization

Data Visualization
The display wall can be used to visualize data to help understand it. The display wall currently has an immense collection of data visualization software and tools that supports research in several fields.

Development and Design
The display wall can also be used to developm software and study areas were a large amount of CPU/GPU power is required.